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I'm guessing this project was abandonned


No, it is not. I've rewritten the whole game to run on the video card, making it 1000 times faster, implemented proper fluid simulation and evolution algorithm. Coming soon!

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Release trailer, further links in pinned comment!

New name, huge simulations, it is all coming together!

This game is fun. :D

is there a tutorial how to play?

can't play on linux, no binary

It is tested and 100% working with wine.

thank you

That's what he said, doesn't run on linux.

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If you install wine you can run the .exe file


i love it, as a youngin i have barely any idea whats going on but i still love this and science.

lol what youngin calls themself a youngin. you may be young but your an old man inside

i cant seem to play the game anymore since it only showed 3 grey circles


Hi! Did you downloaded the old or the new version? Download the new one, try that.

Hi there, I don't know if you still check this, but I thought it'd be worth a try.

I'm not a programmer, and I really do not understand your documentation at all. I don't know how registers or operands work, nor what format I'm supposed to code DNA in. Is there any way you could write something a bit more clear? Or provide a UI in game to change these things? I love this game, I just wish it were a bit more accessible.


>UI in game to change these things

You are absolutely correct! Soon I will have time to develop this project again, I already looked into graphical programming concepts. Creature development graph visualization planned, cell internal working and editing in a visual environment too!

Why is it not available on Windows anymore?

I forgot to check in the platform compatibility. Thank you for noticing, it's fixed now!

How do I create my own DNA now, after the update I can't anymore


I uploaded v0.4.4 with a README.pdf! I documented it!


This is still being worked on, correct? Would love to test this game out for you in the future. Has some great potential.

how do i get the mac version?

Download Wine (
Run the exe with wine.


That's not how platform compatibility works...

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Your Linux version apparently lacks a binary, making it unplayable, mind fixing that?

EDIT:  If it requires wine, please, at minimum, have a simple bash script that executes the .exe under wine.

Hey really enjoying trying to figure this little toy out but I think it would be helpful to have a tutorial or something on what all the commands do? I love this and want to make some really cool stuff but need to know what my tools are first haha thanks :)

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Thanks for trying my game out! Currently working on v0.4 with a lot of improvements. Custom, way way faster physics engine. Easier, more user friendly way to write DNA code.

I did not write a list of possible commands for v0.3 but here is a readme I created for v0.2, most of the stuff is the same and you can figure out the differences by looking at examples.

I wrote the documentation! Now you can create your own species in the new system!

New v0.3 is out!

New features:
- atk, def, hp
- sensing
- eating

New v0.2 is out!