A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Biological powder app!

Create the DNA of a living organism and watch it grow!

Share your creations by simply copy-pasting a short text

Runs perfectly in Wine

Install instructions

1: Unzip file

2: Run blob.exe

3: Read readme.pdf to create your own species


blob alpha v0.01 1 MB
blob alpha v0.6 1 MB

Development log


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can't play on linux, no binary

It is tested and 100% working with wine.

thank you


i love it, as a youngin i have barely any idea whats going on but i still love this and science.

i cant seem to play the game anymore since it only showed 3 grey circles


Hi! Did you downloaded the old or the new version? Download the new one, try that.

Hi there, I don't know if you still check this, but I thought it'd be worth a try.

I'm not a programmer, and I really do not understand your documentation at all. I don't know how registers or operands work, nor what format I'm supposed to code DNA in. Is there any way you could write something a bit more clear? Or provide a UI in game to change these things? I love this game, I just wish it were a bit more accessible.


>UI in game to change these things

You are absolutely correct! Soon I will have time to develop this project again, I already looked into graphical programming concepts. Creature development graph visualization planned, cell internal working and editing in a visual environment too!

Why is it not available on Windows anymore?

I forgot to check in the platform compatibility. Thank you for noticing, it's fixed now!

How do I create my own DNA now, after the update I can't anymore


I uploaded v0.4.4 with a README.pdf! I documented it!


This is still being worked on, correct? Would love to test this game out for you in the future. Has some great potential.

how do i get the mac version?

Download Wine (https://www.winehq.org/download).
Run the exe with wine.


That's not how platform compatibility works...

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Your Linux version apparently lacks a binary, making it unplayable, mind fixing that?

EDIT:  If it requires wine, please, at minimum, have a simple bash script that executes the .exe under wine.

Hey really enjoying trying to figure this little toy out but I think it would be helpful to have a tutorial or something on what all the commands do? I love this and want to make some really cool stuff but need to know what my tools are first haha thanks :)

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Thanks for trying my game out! Currently working on v0.4 with a lot of improvements. Custom, way way faster physics engine. Easier, more user friendly way to write DNA code.

I did not write a list of possible commands for v0.3 but here is a readme I created for v0.2, most of the stuff is the same and you can figure out the differences by looking at examples. https://pastebin.com/62cy2sJQ

I wrote the documentation! Now you can create your own species in the new system!

New v0.3 is out!

New features:
- atk, def, hp
- sensing
- eating

New v0.2 is out!